Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Halloween!

As previously mentioned, I love holidays and always try to make them fun for our family. So far, we have gone to two different Halloween celebrations. The first was actually an annual event at a dog and cat boarding house.
The kids had a great day going 'door to door' and practicing saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" all in a safe and friendly environment. Today, I took them to the Mom's Club Halloween Party at a local school. There were treats, a pinata, stations for doing little art projects, games, and many friends. Kate did a few of the art projects but she most enjoyed running around the room with all of the kids. Ben was tired but a trooper. He spent a while chasing after kids and watching them. I think his favorite, however, was the cupcake I gave him. He dug in and ate the entire thing!
Kate is an Imagination Mover, Ben is a Bumblebee

On a side note, last night Erik noticed that Ben had finally cut his third tooth! It's his top, left front tooth. We're glad that it's finally through, I think they're going to start coming in pretty fast now!

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