Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 Pumpkins and a Ghost

We've been having so much fun! Halloween is tomorrow and we're still making new fun every day.

Thursday Kate dressed up for her 2's and 3's class. Afterwards, the kids had fun Halloween activities put on by local college students at the library. Ben got his first temporary tattoo of a pumpkin on his hand there. It was a jack-o-lantern and he immediately tried to get it off although it didn't seem to bother him too much. He must have thought it was a sticker. :)

Last night we went to the high school for a big Halloween event. The kids played games and got tons of candy and prizes. It was also nice seeing all the kids (of all ages) dressed up and having fun. I can't help but wonder what kind of costumes will be 'appropriate' for high school girls when Kate is that age though.

Today, we took the kids to a little outing (costume free this time) at Cub foods for cupcakes and a bag full of goodies. When it was closer to bed, we finally took some of the halloween decorations down and added batteries so we could be festive. I asked Kate which one was Daddy (orange), which one was Mommy (pink), which one was Kate (blue) and which one was Ben (green). She was so happy when we turned out the lights and turned the three pumpkins and a ghost on. We talked about how they were all happy but they had different smiles. I asked her about their eyes (all different). When I asked her about their noses, she commented, "the ghost's nose is in it's body." Those kids light up my life like nothing else could.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Halloween!

As previously mentioned, I love holidays and always try to make them fun for our family. So far, we have gone to two different Halloween celebrations. The first was actually an annual event at a dog and cat boarding house.
The kids had a great day going 'door to door' and practicing saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" all in a safe and friendly environment. Today, I took them to the Mom's Club Halloween Party at a local school. There were treats, a pinata, stations for doing little art projects, games, and many friends. Kate did a few of the art projects but she most enjoyed running around the room with all of the kids. Ben was tired but a trooper. He spent a while chasing after kids and watching them. I think his favorite, however, was the cupcake I gave him. He dug in and ate the entire thing!
Kate is an Imagination Mover, Ben is a Bumblebee

On a side note, last night Erik noticed that Ben had finally cut his third tooth! It's his top, left front tooth. We're glad that it's finally through, I think they're going to start coming in pretty fast now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I love holidays and seasons. After each holiday I am one of those people in Target snatching up half off decorations like they're going out of style. It feels festive. It makes me happy. Most of all, I want my kids to learn this same love of tradition. Today we began carving the pumpkins.

From the moment we brought the pumpkin into the house and put it on the floor, they were all over it. Touching it, talking about it, playing it like a drum. Good times.

I'm beginning to think that Ben is going to be very methodical. We gave him a bowl and showed him one time how to reach in, grab innards, and put them in the bowl. He did just that, right away, over and over. If a seed fell outside of the bowl he would stop, pick it up, and drop it in the bowl before going back to his task. I love to see his personality!

Kate was initially as interested in this process as Ben. That changed after one hand dipped into the ("sticky!") pumpkin. She didn't nap well and by this point she wasn't her most cooperative.

I was initially a little disappointed that things weren't going as smoothly as they have in the past but now I'm just looking forward to trying again when both kids are a little less sleepy. :)

From Left to Right: Kate at 3 months hated when we put her in the cold pumpkin, Kate at 1 year loved playing with the pumpkin but wasn't too involved with the 'dirty work', Kate at 2 loved reaching in the pumpkin and playing with the bowl of seeds, Ben at 3 months was cooperative in the pumpkin because we put pants and socks on him (live and learn)